Michelle Pissed Off Entire Nation Yesterday With Her Nasty Outfit In Italy


Michelle Obama and her husband the former president are enjoying their lives living off of all of those taxpayer funded paychecks that Barack received.

Well, she is so well off now she can purchase a top for almost $400 dollars and offend Italians with her risqué look instead of being modest in the Catholic nation.

This is a classic Obama move. Only consider yourselves even when you have a following and have other people to worry about.

It’s nice to see that the sycophant and his wife get to enjoy their lives after they left a path of destruction they spent eight years paving with the blood of police and Americans overseas.

Former president Barack Obama gave a talk on climate change earlier this month and it appears the Obamas made the work trip into a vacation. The two are reportedly staying at the incredible Borgo Finocchieto villa in the Tuscan countryside.

Of course, they are living the life while America is full of infighting caused by years of spying on Americans and pushing the mainstream media more and more left. They are funding the destruction of the Trump administration while enjoying golf and the beautiful Mediterranean beaches.

The Obamas would be better off just moving far away and staying there, no more publicity, no more press, no more of them.

The American people and the world can do without seeing what Michelle Obama is doing with her time off and what Barry is doing since he left office all while basically doing nothing of merit.

The left worships them like they are some kind of monarchy from the US when really they’re just criminals who ran Washington further into the ground and stole money from the US.


The future of the nation depends on people just turning a shoulder and getting rid of the toxic in exchange for the pure.