Michelle’s Damning Secret Just Came Out and This Is Who She REALLY Is


BUUUUURN! Michelle Obama has just been demolished. The former First Lady is having a rough couple of days after her egocentric husband tried to play president for a while, faking his “strong feelings of empathy” towards the victims hit by Hurricane Harvey.

In a while, the entire nation backfired. The mainstream media, as always, was focused on criticizing Melania for wearing high heels (STUPID AND IGNORANT AS HELL!), but this nation is not stupid. Angry at the media, angry at Obama- the result is public humiliation of Michelle:

Michelle Obama is such an egomaniac that she’s on a mission to ensure that Melania Trump will be a worse First Lady than she was. Her latest plot to make Melania look bad was having her minions in the mainstream media mock the current First Lady for wearing high heels as she left the White House on Tuesday to fly to Texas and help with the Hurricane Harvey relief efforts.

Unfortunately for Michelle, however, this story only brought back a part of her own past that she definitely did not want to resurface.

Western Journalism reported that those bashing Melania appear to have forgotten that back in 2012, then-first lady Michelle Obama asked for money for her husband’s re-election campaign, even as Hurricane Sandy was wrecking havoc on the East Coast. Michelle reportedly sent out an email on October 29 requesting campaign donations from supporters in North Carolina and Virginia.



“President Obama also cancelled campaign events and White House Press Secretary Jay Carney said on Air Force one that this ‘wasn’t a time for politics’ and that people should focus on responding to the storm,” Katie Pavlich wrote for Townhall. “But, Hurricane Sandy wasn’t going to stop First Lady Michelle Obama from playing politics yesterday. She sent the following email to supporters in North Carolina and Virginia.”


Meanwhile, Melania changed into sneakers aboard Air Force One so that when she landed in Texas yesterday, she could hit the ground running to help those affected by Hurricane Harvey.

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