Mike Huckabee Exposed The Sickening Reason Lester Holt Rigged The Debate, Will He Face Charges?


Former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee was disgusted with moderator Lester Holt’s obvious bias toward Hillary Clinton in the first Presidential Debate, and he recognizes a clear motivation behind it: self-preservation and greed.

Commented Mike: “If Holt didn’t slant the questions and drill down harder on Trump, he might find himself exiled to the Siberia of TV news channels, MSNBC. Who can blame him for wanting to avoid that? I’m hearing a lot of complaints about bias, and they’re not unjustified. Some of the bias was by omission; for instance, Holt devoted a ridiculous amount of time to the long-past-its-shelf-date birtherism story. (News flash: Obama isn’t even running this year).”

Added Huckabee, “Yet [he] never brought up the Clinton Foundation and its pay-to-play scandal, the immunity deals the FBI handed out like pizza discount coupons to Hillary insiders, her family’s enrichment through speeches to Wall Street banks and foreign nations with business before the government, her plan to greatly increase the flow of Syrian refugees.”

Huckabee pointed out that Hillary “kept giving shout-outs to her ‘fact-checkers,’” which he said were “the greatest misnomer of 2016.” Stated Mike,”To save her, Holt answered her call, repeatedly arguing with Trump on her behalf (actual fact-check: Trump’s claim about the constitutionality of stop-and-frisk was correct). But there’s no point in a Republican whining about the moderator being a biased liberal. It goes with the territory.” How enraged are you about how the debate was rigged against our candidate?