BREAKING: Mike Pence Delivers WONDERFUL News For The US Troops! America Will Celebrate After This

Donald Trump and Mike Pence are real patriots that love the country and the nation. The liberal establishment completely marginalized our men and women in uniform. That is disgusting! Our tradition is based on our troops, the American troops are symbol of peace, freedom and safety. In the past decade they were completely forgotten and used only as a tool in the dirty liberal games. Instead, look what Pence did for our troops:

This is why we love Mike Pence. He is a true patriot and he loves our troops. Doesn’t it feel great to have a man in our government that cares about the men and women that give their lives for this country?

*** It’s a lot better than having Obama!!

Mike Pence and Donald Trump are making it a priority for Americans to start respecting our military again. Thank God.


That’s right. He made a promise to our troops. He has always made this promise. Here is Pence several years ago.





H/T Liberty Writers News

Good job PATRIOTS! Good job Mike Pence! I am loving it, when I have to share such a great news with the nation. We have to put our heroes in our top priorities, we have to take care for our vets, we have to raise the living standard of our troops.