Millions of People are Cheering After What Franklin Graham Said About Caitlyn Jenner


The real mix of values in the US is destroying the normal way of life. What’s even worse is the government’s involvement in all of this. The liberal leeches in the past couple of years strenghten their propaganda and they infected most of the institutions. Caitlyn Jenner is also a victim and ‘the hero’ of that propaganda at the same time, but Franklin Graham wanted to make some things clear:

Caitlyn Jenner has been praised by almost every liberal individual, Hollywood celebrities, the mainstream media even by former President Obama for her courageous decision to transform herself from male to female.

And now ESPN is honoring Jenner’s “incredible courage” with the Arthur Ashe Award for Courage. So many people are angry with this decision because they are overlooking real brave individuals, like Lauren Hill. She is a basketball player and survivor of brain cancer who inspired millions of people around the world with her strength. But apparently in the liberal world Hill is not a real hero, she doesn’t know what is real courage since she was a woman from birth. And now Reverend Franklin Graham

Outraged by the network’s decision Reverend Franklin Graham decided to make a few remarks on Facebook.

“Caitlyn Jenner is being honored with the ESPN ESPY Award for courage? I find this hard to swallow after spending time with wounded military veterans and their spouses with Operation Heal Our Patriots—they are true heroes and their lives done courage. Some have had 30 or 40 surgeries, not to change their gender, but to try to put their bodies back together after defending our country. And to recognize the very confused Caitlyn Jenner as a hero before the entire world? Give me a break. If you want an example of real courage, it’s when Jesus Christ willingly allowed Himself to become your sin and died in your place on the cross—the Righteous One for the unrighteous.”

Regularly, the ESPY award is given to individuals who with their strength and courage have overcome an enormous difficulty. And Jenner’s decision to become a woman is nothing even close to something like that. Jenner after her surgeries became a liberal and LGBT icon and there is nothing courageous about that. But at the end of the day, Graham will be attacked and accused of being a bigot, hateful, and cruel. He will be slammed for speaking against the LGBT community and talking about God’s Word.

Graham is right when he says that the true heroes do not ask for attention and external validation for their actions, they do those deeds because it’s the right thing to do and Jenner does not fit the bill.

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What do you think about Franklin Graham’s statement?  Do you agree with him, do you share his views?

Franklin Graham is a real warden of American culture, tradition, and way of life. God bless him!