MIRACLE: Trump Is Going To Give Job To 25,000 Citizens! Obama Looks FUNNY Now

Obama and his administration did a huge damage to american economy and they put our nation in huge debts. Their neo-liberation philosophy disabled the common people of america in finding a well paid job because of illegal immigrants, on the other hand he enabled great opportunities for giga-corporations to establish their factories in overseas countries.

But, things are going to change now! USA is going to ,,heal its wounds” with the best ,,surgeon” the economy wunderkind Donald Trump. Read what Donald Trump did instead of joking around and doing nothing:

First, President-elect Donald Trump and soon to be, Vice-President Mike Pence made a trip to Pence’ home state of Indiana and personally intervened with Carrier. In one day, they convinced Carrier to keep over 1,000 jobs that had been destined for Mexico in Indiana. In addition, Carrier committed to spending $50 billion in Indiana and hiring more people to sell American jobs.”

And the results at Carrier are not a fluke or a one-off effort, either. “Ford announced that a plant that they had expected to close in Kentucky was going to remain open and those jobs were going to stay in Kentucky and not go to Mexico.”

Thousands of middle-class Americans who work in businesses and factories in America can already be grateful to Mr. Trump that their paychecks will keep coming.  And he has not even taken office yet.  Wait until he is actually the president – you haven’t seen anything yet.

One more example of what we can expect with Trump in charge: “This week the Chief Executive Officer of IBM announced that, over the next four years, IBM would invest $1 billion on employee training and development and hire 25,000 American workers.”

That is how you make America great again! This is the real deal. We need to fix our economy first, bring back our jobs, take what belongs to us! After that we can think about other things- first things first!

H/T Patriot Journal