Miss Kenya Just NUKED Every Single Trump Hater With These AMAZING Words At Miss Universe – LIBS ARE FUMING

The mainstream media led by the angriest haters like Steve Harvey launch attacks against Donald Trump everyday. These people always want to create a ,,spicy” situation to provoke the President or insult the White House.

In the Miss Universe competition, the liberals tried to do the same- but look how Miss Kenya responded! This is hilarious!

Steve Harvey asked Miss Kenya what she thought of Donald Trump and his first week in office. Miss Kenya took the ridiculously controversial question and handled it with absolute grace.

*** She shocked the crowd with what she said next.She started out saying that “Trump may not have been the choice of many Americans” but ultimately finished by saying that Donald Trump was able to “unify the entire nation.”

She didn’t win the competition. You can’t win with liberals. You almost have to feel bad for her with having to answer that question to a liberal audience.



l their freaking out. We have to fight them. Thanks, patriots! The fight is not over for this country.

H/T Liberty Writers News

This serves the liberals right! As you can see not everybody shares their opinion and beliefs. The liberal leftists try to control the masses with their cheap ideology, with spreading negativity and corruption. This is one example how you fight back!