WATCH: MLK Jr.’s Niece: ”God Appointed Jesus, Not Rev. Al Sharpton”


Alveda King just splashed Rev. Al Sharpton with the painful truth. The egocentric so-called Reverend Al Sharpton is just a tool in the hands of the elitists and he did nothing good for the Black community, but the exact opposite.

We don’t need race baiters, right? Instead of focusing on the real issues in our society, the left always pulls the race card when they need to score points. So sad, it’s not working anymore.

Al Sharpton is nothing more than a race baiter. I know this, you know this, and apparently, Dr. Alveda King knows it!

While appearing on Fox News, Dr. Alveda King, MLK Jr.’s niece said, “Al Sharpton is another comedy of errors. God appointed Jesus of Nazareth, not Al Sharpton.”

While African-Americans have typically embraced Liberals, the party is now struggling mightily in this demographic because Obama has ignored them.

I discussed the extremely high unemployment of blacks on here yesterday as it relates to every other demographic in the United States. Apparently, I am not the only one who noticed, because Alveda said the unemployment rate among blacks is a “shame and a disgrace.”

King’s uncle was obviously one of the most influential voices on discrimination. However, his message is often twisted so the ends justify the means.

Only two days ago, MLK3 spoke out about violence in the name of equality and now Dr. Alveda King has thrown Al Sharpton under the bus!

I have to say, I am really happy to see more and more people calling out these race baiters for what they are and instead of looking for real solutions to real problems rather than inciting people to violence.

H/T AngryPatriotMovement

Do you agree with MLK’s niece? Well, we really have to think and act as one. Al Sharpton is a sad joke. It’s good that some Republicans are getting closer to the black community only because the leftists failed to fulfill their promises to the African-American people manipulating them for years.