Moments After Melania Arrived At President’s Speech, Liberals Did Something SICK…

AWFUL! In the following post you have an opportunity to see a true hatred and anger in one place. I was disgusted while I was reading the tweets that you have the opportunity to read below. The liberals really crossed the line as they indistinctly launched dozens attacks full of hatred, insults and imbecility. These shouldn’t have happened- right after the congress members from the Democratic party left the congress disrespectfully- the liberal hordes proved that are even worse. Read more below:

Melania Trump has nothing to do with her husband’s policies.

That hasn’t stopped liberals from saying vile things about her at every turn.

You’d think they would rally around her amazing story of coming here with nothing as an immigrant and becoming a famous supermodel.


They only care about immigrants who hate Trump.

Donald Trump addressed both houses of Congress tonight and Melania Trump showed up looking stunning like she always does.

Check out how some liberals reacted to that…

Melania Trump look like she going to the office Christmas party in that suit

— Rarione Maniece (@RarioneM) March 1, 2017






Lame. Rude. Classless.

That’s how the liberal left operates these days.


H/T Young Conservatives

The disappointment grows bigger. These idiots are really full of hate and the situation they try to create is absolute madness! We must not let these people play their game anymore. Their acts in the past month show that they do not respect the constitution nor the people. SHARE THIS POST IF YOU WANT TO SETTLE THE SCORE WITH THE LIBERALS!