Moments Ago Kathy Griffin Was Embarrassed Like Never Before On Her Own Conference[VIDEO]

Kathy Griffin is totally embarrassed. This mean woman is taught a good lesson by the American patriot in the video below. This man showed Griffin where her place is. Well, it was about time. The media tried to ignore this once again, but not everybody wants to remain silent.

A reporter for the Gateway Pundit, interrupted Kathy Griffin and her lawyer for the disgusting Trump bashing press conference. What she says next is psycho. This reporter showed her something so shocking below. You can watch the video below.Watch the video of Kathy Griffin below via Golden State Times. Watch the guy with the leather jacket and the blue shirt.

Hahahahaha. This is pure comedy gold. Kathy Griffin won’t acknowledge that she struck terror into Donald’s young son, Barron.

TMZ said that sources told them that Barron was watching TV and then saw what Kathy Griffin did stand ran out the room screaming “Mommy, Mommy!”

As said to TMZ, “He’s 11. He doesn’t know who Kathy Griffin is and the head she was holding resembled his dad.”

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Let’s do the best thing ever, Trump voters. Let’s just ignore this woman from here on out. She’s not worth our time. Spread the message.

We are too busy making America great again right y’all?

Watch the full train wreck below.

H/T Liberty Writers News

This happens when you’re messing around with the wrong people. And please, just look at this hypocrisy. Listen to her speech. From the woman that wants to hold the President’s head cut off. Share this post and spread the word about this huge embarrassment. Boycott Kathy Griffin!