Moments After Fox Fired O’Reilly, Insider Came With SHOCK BOMBSHELL That Might Change Everything

Fox News insider revealed more about the ‘O’Reilly’ case. The leftists were totally EXPOSED yesterday after shocking truth surfaced and bashed the globalists so hard. George Soros and the famous Clinton Foundation stand behind the lawsuit against the good old Bill.

With pressure building to reveal who knew what and when about allegations of sexual harassment at Fox News, an expectation is emerging that Wednesday’s departure of Bill O’Reilly will not be the end of the story.

“There’s more to come,” a Fox News insider told Vanity Fair.

That comment was echoed by CNN New Day host Alisyn Camerota, who spent 16 years at Fox News.

“I know a lot about the culture, and my friends there, there is a feeling that … there is actually more to come, that this isn’t the end,” she said.

The unfolding saga of sexual harassment at Fox burst upon the public last summer when former Fox host Gretchen Carlson sued Fox and former Fox CEO Roger Ailes. After more allegations against Ailes surfaced, Ailes was ousted.

O’Reilly’s ouster on Wednesday followed a similar pattern. The top-rated host had numerous allegations against him — all of which he denied, even though he settled several pending cases. After an internal Fox investigation, O’Reilly, like Ailes, departed.

However, the pressure on Fox News has not abated.

“A couple of men close to retirement got pushed into retirement early with a whole lot of money,” Nancy Erika Smith, the attorney who represented Carlson, said in a statement.

“Until Fox News releases every woman from confidentiality and arbitration agreements and until they get rid of the executives who enabled the harassment, the workplace will not be safe for women,” she said.

Smith said O’Reilly’s departure was the start of the process, not the end.

“The departure of Bill O’Reilly is an important next step to clean up Fox News and make it a respectful and professional work environment,” she said.

“If Twenty-First Century Fox genuinely wants to achieve that result, it will resolve without delay the claims of women, like Julie Roginsky, who have been harassed, intimidated, demeaned and discriminated against,” Smith added.

Some said Fox needs to reveal who knew what was really going on.

“Unless Fox News makes the results of the investigation public, and fires all those found guilty of, or complicit in, covering up sexual harassment, advertisers and the general public will continue to have cause for concern,” said Shaunna Thomas, co-founder of UltraViolet, a group formed to fight sexism.

“With reports that dozens of additional women at the network have not yet come forward with allegations of sexual harassment, the next scandal for the network may just be months away,” she added.

Smith also demanded that Fox “release all employees from the mandatory arbitration and confidentiality clauses that for so many years have silenced women and kept the harassers, enablers, and retaliators in place.”

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