Moments After Last Night’s Debate, Mike Pence Gave Donald Trump the BEST GIFT EVER!


Congratulations to Donald Trump on such an epic win last! He really tore Hillary Clinton apart from the very first second all the way up until the last.

Of course, the media is not focusing on Trump’s great performance. They are talking about Trump saying him and Mike Pence disagree on Russian foreign policy. They are even claiming that Pence may drop as a result.

DO NOT BELIEVE THE MEDIA LIES! Mike Pence’s Tweet speaks for itself…


Well, that doesn’t sound like Mike Pence is jumping ship at all. If anything, that sounds like Pence has never felt stronger about his decision to stand with Donald Trump.

Hey, Pence, We the People are with you 100%. We saw the same thing you did last night. Donald Trump showed the world that he IS a true leader, and picking you as his VP is just more proof. (H/T – Daily Mail)

If you need any more proof that Trump is the best man for the job, then just take a look at this clip from the debate:

Now I leave it in your hands, patriots. If you REALLY wanna see Trump as our 45th President, then share this out and prove to the liberals that we are more UNITED than ever before!

H/T LibertyWritersNews