Moments After VP Debate Begins, Mike Pence Instantly SHUTS UP Kaime with Just 16 Words…


The pundits have been telling us for weeks that tonight’s VP debate would be boring.

That didn’t really make a lot of sense.

If you have the slightest interest in politics then you should care about someone who is one heartbeat away from the presidency.

There were plenty of interesting moments in the debate tonight.

Tim Kaine has been having a terrible night.

He has interrupted Pence several times with one liners that he has clearly been working on for weeks.

After one of the interruptions, Pence put Kaine in his place.

Real quick.

“There’s a reason people question the trustworthiness of Hillary Clinton and that’s because they’re paying attention. 

Watching Tim Kaine try to defend Hillary’s trustworthiness was one of the most comical clips from this campaign season without a doubt.

Here’s Kaine’s “brutal” response to Pence’s blow.

Yikes, that’s the best you got?

Pence was all over it.

Right off the bat, Kaine is coming across as very thin skinned.

There’s simply no way to defend Hillary’s record when it comes to foreign policy.

Trump, who is live tweeting, seemed to like how Pence is doing so far.

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