‘Mother Of All Rallies’- Look At The Trump Supporters Gathering In D.C. , The Media Isn’t Showing This


The media wants to ignore the fact that the majority of the people in the USA stand firmly behind President Donald Trump. They just can not accept the fact that their ‘arch nemesis’ Donald Trump is having the full support of the nation after everything they did.

Obviously, the leftists drown in frustration and want to hide the fact that after months and months of hard work they still managed to do NOTHING. One big NOTHING BURGER just like the CNN’s CEOs called their own Russia-Trump fake-news story.

Today Washington D.C. is the place where all patriots gathered to show their respect to their president who fights every single day to enforce and implement the laws of his policy, the same policy we all vouch for because it’s the winning reformation that is supposed to make America great again.

It’s a ‘winning reformation’ because in 2016, with the unseen victory since Raegan, Donald Trump crushed his opponent, Hillary Clinton.

While the Antifa domestic terrorists and all other Soros’ footmen burn flags, destroy private and public properties, destroy monuments and show irritable arrogance, these people show true love for their country and respect for their president. Watch the video below. PATRIOTS ARE GATHERING:


How do you like this? American flags all the way… Patriotic spirit, young and old people, black and white, all together- ONE NATION UNDER GOD.

It’s a fact that we need political pluralism, you may say that the other side deserves respect too, but it’s quite obvious who has a democratic sense and normal behavior- and who’s SAVAGE.

George Soros, Obama, McCain- they are powerful creatures, but they can’t compete with WE, THE PEOPLE. The media is obligated to report this. They want to all of us to live inside the bubble, they think the whole world is California.

Well, they make a big mistake. It’s time to change their narrative. Not only for them, but for all leftists. If they really care for this country they need to start behaving like they do.

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