MSNBC Host Goes Off Script, Admitts The Truth That No Trump-Hater Wants To Admit [VIDEO]


Our society is in a real danger from the far left radical propaganda. This phenomenon was forced by the liberal elites and nothing good comes out of it. The radical leftists are destroying this country in silence. We must not turn a blind eye on this. Not even the mainstream media is able to ignore this deviant movement:

Mark my words, this one is going to go down in the record books as one of the days that shaped the entire Trump presidency and society around it.

We all know the liberal mindset: don’t have conversations, yell your own opinion so it looks like you’re winning an argument, be intolerant of people who think differently that you, and shun everyone who does and call them all racists and bigots. That’s the dangerous, echo chamber, group think that is tearing this country apart.

But today, the liberal media has seen how far up their own ass they’ve gotten. Joe Scarborough, on his show Morning Joe, cited a New York Times article calling out ALL of liberal culture for being intolerant and dismissive. This is absolutely epic.

This is 100% correct. The liberal garbage that has taken over college campuses to the point where conservative students are shunned by the student body and the college itself must stop and this is the first step in making that a reality.

Stop the intolerance towards Christians and conservatives, engage us in conversation, debate us, and maybe we’ll all learn something. Shouting and calling us all racists only makes you look foolish and stupid.

H/T Conservative Fighters

The radical leftists should be stopped! Christianity, for instance, is a religion of peace. Those anarchists can’t stand peace. They hide behind their hippie-ideology, but in fact, they are the biggest tyrants in the world. Just like Kim Jong Un- he is a radical leftist- he speaks against imperialism and tyranny- while being the biggest tyrant dictator of the 21th century.