Muslim Professor From Georgetown Says That Slavery And Rape are OK – SO HERE’S HOW LIBERAL MEDIA RESPONDS

The liberal mainstream media is nothing but a glorious memory of something that now has no value. This post is dedicated to them, because we are providing our readers the truth- you are not! This post is about a muslim Professor from Georgetown who tells exactly what are the views of the muslim majority these days, especially the frustrated ones, who were meant to colonize our country.

Jonathan AC Brown, a white man convert to Islam College Professor at Georgetown University made a presentation called, “Islam and the Problem of Slavery.” In it, not only did he defend slavery, but he also defended rape. You would assume that the mainstream media would go crazy over this right? You would expect them to condemn this professor, but nope, he’s a Muslim, and apparently that gives you a pass to say anything.

“The Prophet of God had slaves. He had slaves. There’s no denying that. Was he — are you more morally mature than the Prophet of God? No you’re not. I’ll answer your question for you,” said the professor about Muhammed.

“Slavery cannot just be treated as a moral evil in and of itself because slavery doesn’t mean anything. The moral evil is extreme forms of deprivation of rights and extreme forms of control and extreme forms of exploitation. I don’t think it’s morally evil to own somebody because we own lots of people all around us, and we’re owned by people,” he explained.

He went on to defend rape. “It’s very hard to have this discussion because we think of, let’s say in the modern United States, the sine qua non of morally correct sex is consent. We think of people as autonomous agents. Everybody’s an autonomous agent and it’s the consent of that autonomous agent that makes a sexual action acceptable,” he explained.

“If you take away the consent element, then everyone starts flipping out. We fetishize the idea of autonomy to the extent that we forget, again who’s really free? Are we really autonomous people?” he said. It is a huge shame that only conservative media is willing to point out this insanity and question Muslim-influenced dangerous thinking. Check out the whole lecture here.

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Wow! This is disgusting! However, let us hope that the dreams of the Islamic Professor will remain only in his head. America is going to be protected from this evil order and we will keep our independence, freedom and patriotism. The liberals and the mainstream media should have seen this!