Muslims Arrive For Their $300,000 Handout – Instantly Get a BRUTAL RESPONSE

The next decade, probably, is going to be the worst time in Europe after the second world war. Muslims are coming, these people are going to jam Europe. The Old Continent will be under constant threat of terrorism like NEVER before. May the almighty God watch over Europe!

Mad World News reported that Young Muslims of Sweden and Sweden Democratic Youth (SDU) have been milking taxpayers for over $25 million annually for years now. Earlier this year, they were approved for nearly $300,000 by the Swedish Agency for Youth and Civil Society (MUCF). Unfortunately for them, when they came to collect their money for 2017, they were told that they had been DENIED all funding because “their activities are not compatible with democracy.”

After the government found that the groups were not actually promoting anti-extremism, anti-racism, or Western values and laws, they immediately cut off all of their state funding. Specifically, they confirmed that the Young Muslims of Sweden promotes both discrimination and racism towards non-Muslims and has connections to the Muslim Brotherhood.“We make the assessment that the SDU has statements in its political manifestos and Young Muslims of Sweden has elements in its operations which mean that these organizations do not live up to the standard we want an organization to have to get government funding,” said Lotta Persson, of the Swedish Agency for Youth and Civil Society (MUCF) which hands out the grants.

H/T The Political Reviewer

Disgusting! These liberal organizations that promote radical islamism need to be destroyed or shut down immediately! Just like these organization in Sweden, brand new ones could pop up in the USA. CIA (with Liberals inside on crucial positions) supports these social collectives in order to accomplish their own goals and agendas.