Nancy Pelosi And Chuck Schumer Proved That Democrats Will Never Gonna Win Another Election After What They DID This Morning


The Liberal horde starts protest every single day. Everyday some famous celebrity or politician leads the rally. Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer were the leaders yesterday. These people who act as the ,,representatives” of the American nation are actually so wrong. The only legitimate representative of the 50 states of America is Donald Trump- at least, according to the constitution.

In this article you can see how FAKE are these liberals! The mainstream media would have never posted something like this- read more below:

Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer tried to hold a rally last night to hold a rally last night on the Capitol steps. It was an embarrassment. Seriously. These Democrat rats can’t do anything right.

Their microphone didn’t work at all. Pelosi was caught babbling about the moon. This is too funny!

Here is the video CNN will show you.

This morning, President Trump couldn’t even help himself. The Republican president mocked the two failing leaders of the Democratic party.

*** Watch the video of these two failing big time below!

Here is the video CNN won’t show you.

Then Trump went and ran these two over with the Trump train.

H/T Liberty Writers News

The USA and the American people have to understand that our country is in people’s ,,possession”. These  liberals who want to create show in front of their mainstream media buddies, are doing all of this only to manipulate the masses. This has to stop!