Nancy Pelosi Caught By Camera Saying Unthinkable Insults

Nancy Pelosi hit the rock bottom. What she did is simply AWFUL. Sometimes we think that all of those liberals are excellent actors, they act innocent, non-violent, cultural etc. But in fact, they are MEAN creatures. What Nancy Pelosi just did will leave you speechless. Read more below:

“When they go low, we go high.” Those words were used by both Michelle Obama and Hillary Clinton to attack Republicans. Now, it looks like Democrats like former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi have a new slogan: If you’re losing, hurl profanity.

The chairman of the Democrat Party in California was just caught giving the middle finger and yelling profanities about Donald Trump while on a stage at a convention in Sacramento.

He wasn’t alone: Minority Leader Pelosi joined in “going low” as she and her group laughed and applauded the vulgar attack.

Chairman John Burton led the convention crowd with a chant of “F*** Donald Trump” while waving two middle fingers in the air. The Democrat leader also verbally attacked protesters, telling them on video, “You are a f***ing s*** disturber,” among other insults, according to The Associated Press.

As if that was not enough, California Democrats took the anti-conservative rhetoric over the top. “The world, literally the world, is counting on all of you, counting on California to reject Trump’s deception and destructiveness,” Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom told the crowd.

(BizPac Review has images and video of the event, which we consider too vulgar to publish here.)

Apparently in his mind, the world has nothing to worry about when it comes to Islamic terrorism or rogue states with nuclear weapons. The real threat is the president of the United States.

Throughout the entire leftist circus, Pelosi reportedly found insulting the president and half the country to be hilarious.

Even at his most petty, it’s hard to imagine Trump actually leading a crowd in a “f*** Hillary Clinton” sing along. It clearly did not occur to the liberal congresswoman that all of the vileness and hatred often falsely attributed to Trump supporters was on full display … by California Democrats.

The bizarre and vulgar actions by the California Democrat Party are perfect examples of why Trump won. Unable to form solid arguments, the left has resorted to adolescent profanity.

When zoo animals seem better behaved in comparison, something is wrong. The voters have noticed.

Democrats like Nancy Pelosi, meanwhile, are completely oblivious.

H/T Conservative Tribune

Is this their level? Is this how they want us to behave? Are they good role models and representatives? Shame on Pelosi- for Trump voted millions of Americans. This is an insult against every one of us. SHARE THIS POST EVERYWHERE-THE PEOPLE DESERVE TO KNOW WHAT’S THE REAL FACE OF THE GENERIC LIBERAL DEMOCRAT!