Nancy Pelosi Game Plan Letter Leaked! Here’s Who’s The First Person She Mentions


Nancy Pelosi spilled the beans. In this story, you will see how Auntie Nancy celebrates the great victory over the necessary Obamacare repeal and the blatant lies that the left is trying to ‘sell’. Incredible… John McCain betrayed the Republicans once again and the leftists really enjoy their 5 minutes of glory. Read more below:

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Nancy Pelosi sent a letter out to her fellow Democrats about McCain betraying the Republican party.

Dear Democratic Colleague,Good news: 1:50 PM Eastern time. Senator John McCain thumbs down on Graham-Cassidy!

This weekend, we will continue to highlight the devastating costs Republicans are trying to inflict on hard-working Americans. At every opportunity. I encourage you to take the discussion back to health care and our key messaging points against the Republican bill:

. Higher Costs, Less Coverage — Trumpcare forces families to pay much higher out-of- pocket health care costs, including deductibles. Trumpcare will take away some or all health care from tens of millions of hard-working Americans.


. Key Protections Gutted — Allows for astronomical premium increases for Americans with pre-existing conditions and reinstates the dreaded lifetime and annual limits on care.

. A Crushing Age Tax – Exposes older Americans to higher premiums than what others pay for health coverage, no matter how healthy they are.

. Steals from Medicaid — The Medicaid directors of all 50 states have opposed Graham Cassidy Trumpcare.

The health of millions of veterans on Medicaid will be jeopardized. Millions of Americans fighting addiction, including opioids, will be pushed into the cold. And rural hospitals will be devastated, destroying access to health care and good-paying jobs in rural communities across America.

Together, we will finally put the stake in the heart of this monstrous bill.

Thank you for your leadership and to the advocacy groups for their persistence. 



This is how Democrats feel and think. First of all, this is not TRUMPCARE. Donald Trump presented many other options, he called the leftists for a debate and finding the mutual solution, however, Democrats rejected his call. Let’s hope someone will find a better repeal program to satisfy the leftists and John McCain.