Nancy Pelosi Gets HUMILIATED on National TV By This FED-UP Texas Cowboy – STRAIGHT INTO HER FACE

The illegal immigration solutions are needed- and the President provided the nation with the best possible! The haters hate Trump only for it! For finding excellent solution to improve the life standard and the security of our people. The leftists are , obviously, conformists too, because they do not want to take risks to ensure better future for the new generations, but want to keep some fake values and build a society on them. That is impossible. Look how this angry Texas cowboy destroys Nancy Pelosi:

This Texas cowboy owns a 1,000 acre ranch on the Mexican border. He decided to give Nancy Pelosi a piece of his mind on border security!During a townhall meeting, Dr. Mike Vickers, a veterinarian, told Pelosi he found his dogs playing with a human skull, belonging to a woman, whose other remains he found a few yards away. After describing other horrors, he asks Pelosi, “will you and your Democrat party support President Trump in building a wall or a fence, shutting down sanctuary cities, and giving more power to the border patrol?” Her answer proves she has learned nothing!

The look of defeat on Pelosi’s face after Dr. Vickers asked his question was telling.

Brooks County, Texas is just one of the places where American citizens are accustomed to finding bodies strewn near the border, but the Democrat party has long closed its ears and eyes to such problems.

As the Angry Patriot previously reported, Barack Obama shut down a program that was working to catch illegal aliens at the border.

And still, despite her party’s resounding defeat during the last election, Nancy Pelosi is not able to open her eyes to the issues her former president long neglected. She instantly tried to pull the question away from “securing the borders,” arguing that issue is obviously important.


But Pelosi and the Democrats have long pleaded that they have no idea what “nonsense” Trump is spreading about the border. They could dismiss the facts from a presidential candidate, even from President Trump, but they can’t dismiss the facts to this man’s face.

And the facts are dire. “A lot of women leave the groups to avoid sexual assault,” Dr. Vickers mentioned, detailing that his wife found a “rape tree” within walking distance of their house. No one deserves to live in such frightening conditions.

Neither do any Mexican citizens deserve the horrible trials they clearly face when they try to enter this country. Do they even know what they are in for? The best thing, for everyone involved, is to stop illegal immigration. Let Mexicans come in the safe way, the legal way.

Thankfully, Donald Trump has heard these pleas, and he will answer them.

It seems likely that the Democrats will keep on losing. Pelosi still hasn’t learned her lesson — the American people know that sanctuary cities don’t make us safer, and we know our southern states are not “a community with a border running though it.”

H/T Angry Patriot Movement

You have a good point, Sir! The liberals always enjoy to spend their time thinking and planning how to sabotage our president instead of uniting with the rest of the nation and finding solutions for the mutual problems. BUILD THAT WALL! That is all we’ve got to do!