Nancy Sinatra just ROASTED CNN For Their HUGE LIE – Instantly Congratulates Trump: ‘WHY DO YOU LIE CNN?’

We do not want to spread negative energy on this WONDERFUL day, but we have to point our fingers at CNN’s hypocrisy and share this article to show you that the nation is UNITED and STRONG, stronger than any mainstream media populism. The CNN yesterday made a huge mistake with their delusional statement that Nancy Sinatra was not happy with her father’s song playing at Trump’s first dance with Melania at the Liberty Ball before the Inauguration.

At the end, CNN remained corrupted and FAKE news mainstream media. This article is a spark of hope that they are going to change their policy and start working for the people, delivering valuable news and information.

Responding to an article published by CNN originally entitled, “Nancy Sinatra not happy Trump using father’s song at inauguration

Sinatra appears to have deleted the tweet accusing CNN of lying after they updated their story’s headline and text. She also congratulated the 45th president, tweeting, “Good luck to you.”

H/T BreitBart

Despite the fact that she is a liberal supporter, Nancy Sinatra showed maturity and heart as she decided not to be liar and destructive liberal puppet. Everybody has to wake up and accept Trump as the new President of the USA. Do not listen to the mainstream media- they want to divide us and push us into conflict. Celebrate this day and be happy! Call your liberal friends and invite them to celebrate with you, because from this day on- nothing is going to be the same!