After NBC Reporter Screamed at Sarah Sanders on Live TV, WATCH All Hell Break Loose [Video]


Sarah Huckabee Sanders is the rising start of the new White House administration. We said this so many times and we are proud to say it again. This brave American woman is strong, disciplined and most important, she is INDEPENDENT and UNBREAKABLE.

Over and over again she needs to manage the mess in the White House press room made by the rude journalists and reporters who are sent there with one simple mission- to discredit the White House and provoke Sarah Huckabee Sanders.

This time, she humiliated a rude reporter in front of the entire nation. Tensions started after Sarah Huckabee Sanders was asked a question and she answered her question properly. BUT, the reporter continued screaming and screaming trying to provoke Sarah Huckabee Sanders. Quickly she realized she made a big mistake.

VIA SubjectPolitics:

Sarah Huckabee tries to call on another reporter, but she is immediately interrupted.  Huckabee-Sanders then fires off! “Halie I have already taken a question from you.” But Halie KEPT yelling at her, so Huckabee-Sanders glared at her and said,  I’m just asking you to be respectful to your colleagues so that I can get around the room.” Huckabee-Sanders pointed out that they only have a minute left so Jackson is being so disrespectful. Don’t mess with Sarah!!

This isn’t the first time a reporter has been RUDE to Sarah Huckabee-Sanders. Just WATCH her exchange with this other reporter:

She’s really awesome. You won’t find a better person for this position, so Donald Trump most certainly did the right thing with her new appointment. She was not afraid to talk

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