THE NEW TRUMP POLLS ARE OUT: Trump Is Going To Celebrate, Hillary is Going To Cry!


OP presidential nominee Donald Trump is moving upward the polls from day to day, he is filling the space between him and the minorities, he shows fortitude and wit, and, what’s more, he is a man with a vision.


The new LA Times-Daybreak poll reveals Trump in front of Hillary by one point in the most recent LA Times-Daybreak poll.

The Daybreak poll uses:

** A huge sample (2000+)
** It is conducted everyday
** And the data matches the sample to the voting populace according to census


On the other hand, Hillary must lead with about 5-7 points in this phase if she expects to win in the general elections.


The fight must continue, and we must see through to the end that Donald Trump and Mik Pence enter the Oval Office after the general elections.