New York Governor Threatens To Sue President Trump


Today President Trump announced the end of DACA. This so-called program is nothing but Obama’s legacy and huge “boost” to the destructive and anti-American pro-communist ideology of illegal immigration. Donald Trump showed that he is determined to end the illegal immigration and its abuse in all forms. That was enough for New York governor to attack President Trump and threatened to sue him. Read more below:

New York’s Governor Andrew Cuomo is threatening to sue President Trump if he decides to end the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program.

From Reuters:

(Reuters) – New York Governor Andrew Cuomo and the state’s attorney general on Monday vowed to sue President Donald Trump if he scraps a program shielding from deportation immigrants who came to the United States illegally as children.Reuters reported Trump plans to announce on Tuesday he will end the program but will give the U.S. Congress six months to craft legislation to replace it, citing sources familiar with the situation said.

Cuomo said “the president’s action would upend the lives of hundreds of thousands of young people who have only ever called America their home.”


The biggest mistake of all leftists and vital part of their propaganda is the sick claim that Trump and his supporters are AGAINST IMMIGRATION. No, he fights against ILLEGAL immigration! There’s a huge difference. If you want citizenship- you have a whole process to pass and prove that you’re eligible for the green card.

Some others will say, well, America is so rich and we have enough living space for all, BUT, are we going to be rich and successful as a country if we don’t have standards, normative, and laws in the first place? Our system and Constitution makes us a succesful and prosperous country. ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION IS AGAINST THE CONSTITUTION.