Newt Gingrich GOES NUCLEAR On Madonna For Her STUPID ‘Blowing Up The White House’ Comment (VIDEO)


If you’ve heard about the recent disgraceful comment Madonna has made about her wishing she could blow up The White House, than i’m sure you’ll agree that this is a matter of a serious situation, that simply cannot be ignored, because it crosses any lines of normal behavior, and i believe it could easily be taken as a threat. Newt Gingrich wasn’t reserved either as he spoke very honestly about his opinion on the occurrence, on Fox and Friends today.

 Here is his full comment via American Lookout

Newt: “I love the Left. When they say, ‘I dreamed about blowing up the White House,’ they didn’t mean, ‘I dreamed about blowing up the White House.’ They actually meant a yellow, purple banana but they didn’t want to say, ‘Yellow, purple banana’ because it was too shocking. So they said, ‘Blow up the White House.’ But give me a break. What you have is an emerging Leftwing Fascism. She’s part of it. And I think we have to prepare to protect ourselves. Frankly, she ought to be – the truth is: She ought to be arrested.

Mr. Gingrich has a good point; if any of us non-famous people stood up at a rally and said we “dreamed of blowing up the White House” we would have a very unpleasant visit from the Secret Service in our near future(possibly held at a deep dark detention facility). What if a conservative icon had made that threat about President Obama during his time in office? Would there be any question as to how to handle such threats?

Even Lorraine Kelly, someone who says that Madonna is “usually the definition of diplomatic” ripped her a new one for her comments on Saturday at the rally, saying that it’s it’s a stupid thing to say and “it’s taking away all the attention, as she always does.”

H/T Truth Monitor

This very unpleasant event rises up many questions such as, “What if this is a real threat”? “Am i save in my country”? There is no way we could now what’s going on in the heads of the raging Liberals,and what are they capable off, because they’ve shown us how far they are willing to go with accomplishing their goals. Throughout history a lot of these kinds off threats has been taken very seriously. Will the secret service take some preventive measures, or will they look the other way? Do you think this is a real threat?