Newt Gingrich Leaked Something Huge About Hillary Clinton And Her Campaign


Newt Gingrich is again ON FIRE! This man is always ready to fire his gun, and shoot the liberal lying thugs with his bullets of knowledge and leaks. He appeared again live on TV. What he said will make the Democrats position even worse. The liberals’ ratings are getting lower by the day and Newt Gingrich is one of the reasons why- he exposed the again:

Ever since Donald Trump took office, his administration has been plagued by massive leaks. Now, Newt Gingrich has gone on Fox News to reveal who is really behind them.

Subject Politics reported that Gingrich explained that the government is full of Barack Obama hold-overs who supported Hillary Clinton. These people are obsessed with taking Trump down by any means necessary.

“Let’s put context in reality,” he said. “95% of all federal employee donations went to Hillary Clinton. 97% of all the donations at the Justice Department went to Hillary Clinton. 99% at the State Department went to Hillary. So when you start talking about leaks from the Justice Department, just remember, there was an amazing number of career bureaucrats who are pro-Hillary and anti-Trump.”

He went on to attack the lying mainstream media.

“There’s an entire wing of the news media who wakes up every morning and says, ‘I know Trump did something horrible, what was it?”

H/T Truth Monitor

Anyway, the liberal conspiracy to continue their tyranny and destroy the American culture, spirituality, tradition and way of life FAILED. Those leftists prove to be weak because they are too greedy and proud. Now, they are facing the consequences.