The NFL Boycott Is Real, Here’s What’s Happening To This Store


The verbal violence is also a huge issue for all liberal leftists. Their ways of expression are even more irritating and most of the time unlawful, but they always plead the First. However, we also have the right to respond to the insolent leftists in our own way. After the NFL’s last weekend full of idiotism, the people started a huge boycott as their own way of protest. Read more below:

Since Sunday when most Pittsburgh Steelers stayed in the locker room for the national anthem, Susan Moedinger, owner of Steel City Sports in the Rockvale Outlets, has heard from dozens of customers who are now boycotting her store.

Rush Limbaugh, who is a big Steelers fan said he did not watch the NFL for the first time in 45 years. He said the NFL has lost its “mystique.”

From transcript:

“I was so sad Sunday morning when all of this started falling out. I was not sad after Friday night when the president made his comments. And I had no doubt afterward what the reaction was going to be and I had no doubt where public opinion was gonna fall. And I had no doubt how people in the NFL from players to the commissioner to media people were gonna get it wrong, and they have, and they did.

But if you’ll permit me first, I was personally saddened. I did not watch the National Football League yesterday, and it was the first time in 45 years that I made an active decision not to watch, including my team, the Pittsburgh Steelers. It was not a decision made in anger. It was genuine sadness. I realized that I can no longer look at this game and watch this game and study this game and pretend, you know, fantasize, everything a fan does. This whole thing has removed for me the ingredients that are in the recipe that make up a fan. The mystique is gone. That actually started vanishing a while ago. The larger-than-life aspect of it is gone. The belief, the wish, the desire that the people in the game were the best and brightest and special, and that’s why they were there, that’s gone. And it’s been politicized. It has been politicized and corrupted, and it didn’t start this weekend. It started years ago.

I couldn’t predict this specific event, but my sadness actually began years ago when all of the attention focused on the danger and the supposed attempt to hide all of that, not specifically just the concussions. The whole aura that that created. The sports media began to criticize that which they report on. It just became politicized. It simply just became politicized. And the people politicizing it, since we’re talking about politics, the people that politicized it are people on the left. And when that happens, things change. It’s just over.”


What do you think about this? Do you think the people are right using their right of boycott? And this is not everything, fans quit their NFL TV packages, burn their tickets and jerseys… It’s happening!