NFL Legend John Elway Releases Official Statement On Anthem Protests & It Takes Him Only 10 Words


The NFL is starting to see what a big mistake they have made. It seems like the country is starting to make them realize that they cannot continue down this path. The fact that they are kneeling for the anthem is disgusting and should never be accepted by anyone.

The flag is our nation’s symbol of freedom and the people who have given their life for it. To think that they think it is acceptable to anything along these lines is mind boggling.

Some players have come out against the nature of the protests. Many say that they do not agree with the way the NFL did their business on Sunday. For a day that was supposed to be about fun and getting together with friends and family, it sure has taken a sharp turn in the wrong direction. It is a joke to think that these protests will continue.

Of course the liberals and the mainstream media is on their side. There is no question that this kind of behavior will continue to be applauded by liberals all around the country. But at least some people are willing to stand up for their beliefs and say how they are really feeling. Denver legend John Elway is one of those people.

He recently gave a statement saying that he believes in standing for the national anthem and our flag. Elway explained that he understood that the United States is not perfect, but that this is not the way to go about making your feelings heard.

“I’m one that believes in standing for the national anthem”

This is what people need to hear. This kind of protest is hurtful to anyone who has served to protect that flag. We never had this kind of problem for years and years so why is it just now coming to light? It seems like Barack Obama had a lot to do with it.

These players are slowly but surely starting to pay for their actions. There is no way this can continue into the future. We cannot let that happen.

What do you think of Elway’s remarks on the NFL protests that have been taking over our nation?