Nike Releases Statement On National Anthem Protests


Nike is one of the biggest sponsors of the NFL. The worldwide famous sports gear company is now choosing sides in the huge mess over the protests of the national anthem.

As most of us expect from a globalist corporation, Nike supports the rebellious leftists and their anti-American agenda. If it wasn’t because of the loyal and rich American customers, Nike would’ve never become what it is today. But, who cares…

They are elitists, they have giant factories in Vietnam and China, but they still call themselves American brand and sell you expensive products made in Vietnam and places like that. And they are also sponsors of the NFL, sponsors good enough to stand behind the rebellious and disrespectful players.

This has nothing to do with freedom of expression because there are the strict RULES of the NFL. It’s clear that what all of those rogue liberal players do IT’S ILLEGAL according to the official NFL league book. On the other hand, the fans feel offended by this act of craziness.


These freedom-fighters WHO ARE, by the way, MILLIONAIRES need to stop what they do. Nike can say whatever they want, but the fans last words is what counts.

They think their money is bigger than democracy and rules. That’s unacceptable and if we want to be a prosperous and successful nation we have to respect and follow the rules.

No more tolerance. Spread this on the social media so everyone could see how Nike pays back to this nation who made Phil Knight and his family multi-billionaires. Shame on you!