NO SHAME! Lefty Alec Baldwin Sides With Kathy Griffin Calling Trump A “Senile Idiot”


Alec Baldwin plays the role of President Donald Trump on the comedy series Saturday Night Live (aka SNL.)

He has made his opinions about Trump known on many occasions.

On June 2, 2017, he went on a Twitter Rant in defense of Kathy Griffin. Among other things he called President Trump a “senile idiot.”

He sent a total of five Tweets:

The overall response to his outburst apparently didn’t get him the attention he was hoping for, so yesterday he went on another tirade, this time on his Alec Baldwin Foundation Account.

Alec Baldwin makes a poor Trump imitator on SNL. It looks like he is even worse at imitating Trump on Twitter. At least when Trump Tweets, he makes sense!

In the end, it is hard to tell if Alec Baldwin is talking about the @realDonaldTrump or the cheap imitation he plays on SNL when he says Trump is a “senile idiot.”

Why do I get the feeling Mike Huckabee’s Tweet about Kathy Griffin also applies to Alec Baldwin?

The only people spreading hate, are those who hate to lose!


H/T nationonenews