NY City Cops Just MORTIFIED Lib Mayor De Blasio and His ”Sanctuary” Promise To Break The Law

The police officers from NYC started their own rebellion against the corrupted mayor De Blasio and his little liberal minions. Actually, NYC is becoming a large hideaway for illegal immigrants. This policy is unacceptable and the NYC Cops want to respect the constitution and the laws of this country, and also, to work with their Federal Officers colleagues.

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio is a huge proponent of allowing illegal immigration to flourish in his city. In 2014 he signed a law with the goal of drastically reducing New York City police’s cooperation with ICE. The law prohibits law enforcement from honoring ICE detainer request except those convicted of violent crimes.

The good news is that New York City cops could care less about de Blasio’s order to allow illegal immigrants walk free despite the fact that ICE is looking for them to boot them out of the country.

Regardless, the NYPD will contact ICE if they discover that an illegal immigrant is facing deportation while in the process of verifying warrants against the defendant.

David Gonzalez, 51, for example, had been previously deported but re-entered the United States and face charges of allegedly “rubbing against a woman.”

The City did not comply with an ICE order to detain Gonzalez, but rather “notified ICE” of his arrest and after a judge released him, he was immediately taken into federal custody.Advocates for New York City to remain a “sanctuary city,” were reportedly upset to learn that the NYPD is working with ICE, calling it “collusion.”

One has to scratch their head when working within the law to deport people who have broken the law to be here is being called “collusion.” Liberal policy has indeed turned the world on its head.

Lori Zeno who is a co-founder and deputy director of Queens Law Associates said, “I think it really is outrageous. We’re supposed to be a sanctuary city … Cooperating with ICE is one thing … But to me they seem to be in collusion with ICE.”

That’s right Lori. Cops are “colluding” to uphold the law. Just crazy isn’t it?

H/T US Herald

THIS IS BORING! JUST GET OVER WITH THOSE STUPID “SANCTUARY CITIES”! We have serious problems in our country that we should focus on- “collecting” illegal immigrants IS NOT ONE OF THEM!