NYPD Raid Hillary’s Property Confiscate Damning Evidence Linking Her To Revolting Criminal Conspiracy


By now, many of you have most likely heard that the NYPD retrieved Anthony Weiner and Huma Abedin’s computers to help them with the investigation into Weiner’s reported sexual messages with an underage girl. But the police did not stop there.

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To their complete shock, the NYPD ended up finding and raiding HILLARY’S property on those devices in the form of 650k emails connected to her personal email server…Now her private property is in the hands of the NYPD and FBI!

An NYPD source just claimed that within the emails on that device, Hillary and Bill are directly implicated ins a MASSIVE child sex/trafficking ring along with their friend, and convicted pedophile, Jeffrey Epstein. (See Below)

According to the source,

“…It’s much more vile and serious than classified material on Weiner’s device. The emails DETAIL the trips made by Weiner, Bill and Hillary on their pedophile billionaire friend’s plane, the Lolita Express.”

“We’re talking an international child enslavement and sex ring“

These claims were backed up by other NYPD sources as well:

Jeff Epstein is a level-3 registered sex offender and the media ignores the fact hat Bill Clinton flew 26 times on Epstein’s private Jet and allegedly visited Epstein’s sex slave island. Now that Hillary has also been directly implicated, the media cannot ignore this any longer!

The NYPD source makes specific claims about her involvement. He says, “Hillary has a well documented predilection for underage girls, and Mr. Weiner could not bear to see those details deleted.” 

This could be the largest controversy that has been revealed this election season, and probably the biggest scandal that has surrounded any election campaign in history. According to the NYPD source, Hillary Clinton is a pedophile!

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