After NYT Reporter Tries to Embarrass Stephen Miller, Watch All Hell Breaks Loose


Stephen Miller, the famous aide of President Donald Trump, is really on fire this week. However, he is supposed to be the ‘gentle’, good and adaptable ‘speaker’, but he chose the other way, he followed Sarah Huckabee Sanders’ steps to total devastation and destruction of the fraudulent mainstream media.

His style, his charismatic way of shutting the leftists’ mouth is a real ‘piece of play’.

President Trump’s aide Stephen Miller went viral after he crushed CNN’s Jim Acosta for his “metropolitan bias”. Now he’s back at it, slamming the New York Times. New York Times reporter Glenn Thrush attacked President Trump’s immigration policy. Stephen Miller went on to suggest that the New York Times writers might have a different tune if they were replaced by illegal immigrants.

“Two quick questions; first of all, let’s have some statistics. There’s been a lot of studies out there that don’t show a correlation between low-skilled immigration and the loss of jobs for native workers. Cite for me, if you could, one or two studies with specific numbers that prove the correlation between those two things, because your entire policy is based on that,” said Thrush.

“I think the most recent study I would point to is the study from George Borjas that he just did about the mariel boatlift, and he went back and reexamined the old data and talked about how it actually did reduce wages for workers who were living there at the time And Borjas, of course, has done an enormous amount of research on this,” quickly responded Miller.

“A recent study said that as much as $300 billion a year may be lost as a result of our current immigration system in terms of folks drawing more public benefits than they’re paying in,” explained Miller.


That answer wasn’t good enough for Thrush. That’s when Miller got personal. “Glenn, maybe we’ll make a carve out in the bill that says The New York Times can hire all the low-skilled less paid workers they want from other countries, and see how you feel then about low-wage substitution,” said Miller. Check out the video below.

H/T Conservative101

Do you respect Stephen Miller? Do you think he is extremely suitable for his position? Obviously, our President chose people who are not giving many thoughts about political correctness and all the rest of the liberal tools for manipulation. He did a great job, don’t you think?