Obama Cried Like A BABY After He Saw This Black Bishop Rip Him Apart In THIS VIDEO!!!


This story by Paris Swade.

The Milwaukee man who was shot by police on Saturday and just got Gov. Scott Walker to activate the National Gaurd. He had previously been charged in a shooting. He also had been charged with intimidating witness of a shooting.

*** Yeah, liberals. This guy is not a good guy.

Watch what Bishop E.W. Jackson has to say about Obama’s policies targeting the police.

Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel says that Sylville Smith, 23, was armed when police shot him. He fled into traffic and refused to put down his weapon when police ordered twice. He had 500 rounds of ammo on him.

*** Black Lives Matters is wrong on this one!!

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Obama is going to step up out of the White House in less than 80 days. Just remember that. (h/t Fox News)

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