Obama Is LOSING HIS MIND After Trump Did THIS With Healthcare Today!


The mean liberal loudmouths spent the past few weeks bragging about how Donald Trump and his team are incapable of finding a proper solution for health insurance. Obama set his trap, but we have some good news.

Donald Trump DID IT ! The genius mastermind found a perfect way to replace ObamaCare and you”ll love it:

Donald Trump has gone and done it again! Remember how the media kept saying the new healthcare plan was a disaster? Yeah, well he just FIXED IT!

Last night he brought ALL 13 members of the Republican study committee, who each had REJECTED Paul Ryan’s version of the bill to an all-night brainstorming session and, by the morning, had done the impossible.

President Trump convinced ALL the major Republicans in congress to support his healthcare bill!

Now, it’s important to know this is no longer gonna be Paul Ryan’s “Obamacare lite”, but instead a healthcare plan that works for ALL Americans.

Rep. Andy Barr (R-KY), who was part of the meeting and TRASHED the original plan, defended the bill himself on CNN,

“It’s a good first step. It’s not perfect, but to suggest that this is Obamacare light I think is wrong. This is a dramatic improvement over Obamacare.”

Mia Love, another attendee of the meeting, told the Salt Lake Tribune,

“The bottom line is, Obamacare was unsustainable.”

“This is about giving people access to health care that need it and want it. I’m not going to rubber-stamp everything that my party does.”

Now tell me that is not incredible. Trump managed to turn all the “No’s” into “Yes’s” overnight and now his repeal and replace of ObamaCare is well under way.

H/T Liberty Writers News

Wow! This is a good day, for real! Donald Trump and his team prove to be outstanding. Lt’s hope that Trump will continue with his refreshing reforms. Obama tried to sabotage Trump, but the “old fox” outsmarted him. GOOD JOB, MR. PRESIDENT!