Obama is MAD AS HELL After THIS City Went Against Him And BANNED Syrian Refugees – [DETAILS]


The USA are under a constant threat from islamic terrorism. We are in a bloody struggle that lasts for years against the muslim extremists and their wealthy liberal donors. It is pretty hard to imagine what Obama turned our country in. Our reputation is completely ruined, as well with the last shocking reports about Obama supporting the palestinians and his speech in the UN.

This brings nothing good to us, as americans, because Donald Trump will have a really hard job with all of these obstacles set by Obama. However, our nation is strong. We have proud patriots all across the USA and we will not become a colony for jihadists. Look how strong are the people of this Michigan town.

A Michigan Town has voted to bann syrian refugees from living there, because they believe the vetting process is not good enough. The Waterford Township Board of Trustees passed a resolution against allowing refugees from the war torn country to settle in the area, on Monday night.

The vote was specifically against a federal resettlement program for the refugees. It passed with 7-0 vote.

In Waterford the decision came after after local leaders began to voice their feelings on an issue that has also been discussed  during the election campaign.

Despite the unanimous verdict on the ban, leaders have said they are open to allowing refugees to come to the town, but only when a process is in place to ensure those coming into the country are adequatelly vetted.

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You have our support people of Waterford! Hard times are about to come. We have to protect our country and stick together against any harm to the USA. We saw what these refugees doo. They burned Europe to the ground. Rape, murder, burglary, violence and stupid demands- that is the European reality, after many liberal western countries accepted hudreds of thousands of muslim refugees. We must not let that happen to us. We have to keep our country strong and clear of any terrorist threats.