Obama Launches Racist Assault On ”White Voters” – The Reason Is SICK [VIDEO]


Barack Obama is the most important person in the ultimate liberal agenda. One of the sickest accusations against Donald Trump is that he is a RACIST. It seems that the word ,,racist” lost his prime meaning. The puppets of the liberal agenda put the western world into a devastating limbo where our people ( our young folks especially) are under constant mental terror by the liberal brainwashing factories. They want to make every individual dumb and stupid so nobody can reveal their real faces and motives.

Donald Trump is not a racist- that’s ridiculous. He has so many black voters and lobbysts on his side. He also has black people on the most crucial places in his administration. Donald Trump grew up with black people. Obama- cut it off!

During a recent interview with former adviser David Axelroad, President Barack Obama implied that it would be a chore to appeal to Southern white voters while at the same time standing tall for civil rights.

“So part of the challenge for Democrats and progressives generally is that if we cannot compete in rural areas, in rural states,” he said in the interview, which aired Monday on CNN, “if we can’t find some way to break through what is a complicated history in the South and start winning races there and winning back Southern white voters without betraying our commitment to civil rights and diversity — if we can do those things, then we can win elections.”

Obviously the president did not directly accuse white voters of being racists — but he certainly insinuated as much.

The premise of his statement was that the Democrats suffered a devastating defeat in the 2016 election because they could not “compete in rural areas.”

And the reason they could not compete in these areas was because they did not know how to appeal to Southern white votes without compromising on civil rights.

In other words, Southern white voters were so racist that it would require a special effort to “break through” and reach them.This rhetoric did not sit well with Fox News fill-in host Ed Henry, who in the following clip from Tuesday night asked, “In explaining why Donald Trump won, why does he have to inject race?”

Better yet, why does the president continue to deny the real reason why the Democrats lost — because the American people had grown up fed up with the president’s Democrat administration and his atrocious policies — not to mention the terrible candidacy of a fatally flawed nominee?

It was not racism that drove the national debt trillions higher, that weakened border security, that embarrassed America on the international stage and that crippled the economy; it was Barack Hussein Obama who performed these feats.

H/T Conservative Tribune

This is unbelievable! Obama, we are not blind and def! We are the same people that put you in the office. How could you accuse our elect-president, and by that, insult us, the people of America for racism? That is so fake. If you want to install racism to make yourself rich and make your sponsors even richer- the USA is not the place to do it!