Obama Tried To Cover-Up Hillary’s Scandals, But Didn’t Count On Judge Jeanine Pirro Knocking Him Out


Former U.S. prosecutor and elected New York state official, Jeanine Pirro has recently exposed the entire controversy about Hillary Clinton and her private email server. Jeanine appeared on ‘Hannity’ and confirmed a statement that seems to have been neglected till now.


VIA Yes I’m Right

Recently, Obama said that he would block the release of crucial Clinton emails from her server. Judge Jeanine just explained why.

In case you missed it, here’s the most salient point:

“If you say Mr. President, that you’re not interfering with the investigation, what do you know? What you do know is that you got emails from her on a private server, you responded, as a result Mr. President, you will be a witness if there were to be a criminal case.”

This is the sort of thing we’ve been waiting for. It is amazing how this has been overlooked so long, but thanks to Jeanine’s prudence, good judgement, and outspokenness, we’ve been fed another fact that proves just how corrupt and sleazy the Democrats really are.