Obama’s Secret Plan To Destroy America EXPOSED – Here’s How The Muslim Brotherhood Will Infiltrate Our Government [VIDEO]

The Islamic structures around the world spread their influence and power via non-government organizations or humanitarian organization. Within the law these structures are untouchable because they demand religious rights. But, in reality these organizations work for their own purpose and goals. That is how the radical islamism was born. In the post below their shocking plan is revealed:

The Muslim Brotherhood has one main goal…to infiltrate and take over the United States of America and make Islam the dominant religion of the country.

This is made abundantly clear in the “Muslim Brotherhood Plan for America” document that you are about to hear from. Brigitte Gabriel, President of ACT for America, absolutely destroys Barack Obama and exposes a little know fact about one particular Islamic organization operating right here inside the United States.


ISNA (Islamic Society of North America) acts as advisors to Barack Obama about Middle Eastern policy, but there is a secret Obama doesn’t want you to know about. Don’t worry though, Brigitte doesn’t hold back…

“We not only have the fox watching the hen house, we have the fox inside the White House dictating policy in the ear of the president.”Brigitte Gabriel exposes 29 Islamic foundations in the United States with the specific goal of sabotaging America from within and having the country destroy itself with it’s own hands…WATCH

H/T Proud Conservative

This sick plan will most certainly fail. You can bet! Our great nation will survive the threats and get over with the domestic traitors. We can not secure a better future for our country if we are ignorant on such dirty games like this, and we must punish everyone who works for the cause of the Jihad.