OFFICIAL AND CONFIRMED: Trump’s Administration Has Just Rolled It Out!!


It’s happening! Finally, what Trump voters waited for so long is officially announced. The pro-socialist government led by Barack Obama pushed the USA into an unseen debt like no other president since the independence. However, Donald Trump is not going to leave the good, hardworking middle-class Americans suffer. His administration just released the new taxation plan and the experts are optimistic- this tax reform is going to secure good future for all Americans.

It’s official, the Trump administration has released the long-promised Tax Plan!!


RT Reported: The highest-earning Americans, who make more than $418,000 a year and previously filed at 39.6 percent, will find their rate reduced to 35 percent, plus a doubling of standard deductions.

One of the goals is a simpler tax code that would spur economic growth and make US companies more competitive. It hasn’t been reformed since 1986.

The number of individual tax brackets would shrink from seven to three, with rates of 12 percent, 25 percent, and 35 percent, with room for a fourth bracket for the wealthiest taxpayers.

According to a document obtained by AP, the corporate tax rate would be reduced from 35 to 20 percent.

Among the other proposals is a cut in repatriation taxes on offshore earnings, designed to give corporations a break on profits earned overseas. The move would allow corporations to bring back earnings to the US at sharply reduced rates. Full details have not been released yet.


This is a great plan, very progressive and very smart. There’s no doubt that the business master-mind Donald Trump will bring good investments on US soil with the new reform. Let’s hope that we will fix the debt and raise the GDP. Please spread the good news.