Oh my God! Sick Lib Comedian Does The UNTHINKABLE to Trump During Photoshoot [Photos]


THIS IS DISGUSTING! The liberal leftists now really hit the rock bottom. This is the lowest level of human dignity. What Kathy Griffin did will be remembered in our history. The nasty liberals demand political correctness, but they are the worst hypocrites and tyrants. Behading, is this the worst you got? Someone has to take responsibility for this and punish this woman.

The liberal left has made it abundantly clear that they will stop at nothing to discredit Trump.

They will say anything. Do anything. Lie about anything. Joke about anything.

Whatever it takes.

The latest example comes from Kathy Griffin and it’s embarrassing in every sense of the word.

Apparently, she thinks it’s edgy to joke about murdering the president by cutting his head off.

From Washington Examiner:

Griffin, photographed by Tyler Shields, is holding a bloody head that resembles the president in a photo published by TMZ.


It isn’t immediately clear what this little stunt was for but it is clearly unacceptable and beyond the pale.

This isn’t funny.  In fact, it’s lazy.  People who can’t make creative jokes fall back on low hanging fruit like this. It’s the easiest and laziest thing in the world to just joke about killing someone you don’t like. It’s also very low brow.

Liberals will eat this up and talk about how cool this is. But yet, if you even dared suggest that Obama did something wrong that was considered an egregious and racist criticism.  I mean, can you imagine if a conservative actor had done this to Obama? It would break the internet.

Hard to argue with that.

This story is blowing up pretty fast.

You can expect to hear more about it and hopefully Griffin is condemned by everyone regardless of political affiliation.

God will punish these mean creatures.


H/T youngcons