OH MY GOD! When Trump Stepped on Stage in Panama City Florida, He Got the SURPRISE of His LIFETIME!


Political pundits want you to believe that Trump has already lost this election. Just today, the liberal media announced that Trump lost his chances in Florida. They claim that Florida is now a blue state and Hillary will win for sure.

It looks like Florida voters disagree.

He held a rally in Panama City Beach Florida and brought in a crowd no one could believe!

The rally was held at Aaron Bessant Park, a location with a maximum capacity of 7,500 people.

When Donald stepped on stage he greeted 30,000 supporters chanting his name!!!

It was the biggest public event in HISTORY for Panama City!

Lines of Trump supporters stretched down the road as far as the eye could see!

It was dark by the time he took the stage but look at this crowd!!

Hillary Clinton had an event in Florida as well. Her event, held in Miami, pulled a crowd of around 1,000 people. 1/30th the size of Trump’s event!


Don’t let the media and their phony polls fool you. THIS IS A MOVEMENT and it’s scaring the hell out of all the Washington elites! They want you to believe Trump doesn’t have a chance so you stay home on voting day. DON’T FALL FOR IT! Just look at these crowds!!!


H/T LibertyWritersNews