OH MY GOD! Hillary Clinton Just Came Out Of Nowhere With Another SICK STATEMENT – AMERICANS ARE PI*SED

Hillary Clinton is not hiding anymore! The sore looser finally appears ,,live” after the inauguration. What she did in her first appearance is also shocking, because her message is not an advice for unity and peace, but another attempt to compromise the man who completely destroyed her on the election, now the President- Donald Trump. In the video below there is the full statement and the review of Clinton’s speech:

Hillary Clinton has spent much of the time since her loss to Donald Trump in hiding. Today, however, she showed how classless she really is by releasing a video in which she encouraged people to rise up against the man who beat her.

Daily Mail reported that Clinton released a video statement from the 2017 MAKERS conference in which she told female leaders to “step up and speak out.” She also urged women across America to “be bold.”

“Despite all the challenges we face, I remain convinced that, yes, the future is female,” she said. “Just look at the amazing energy we saw last month as women organized a march that galvanized millions of people all over our country and across the world.”

“Now more than ever we need to stay focused on this year’s conference: Be bold. We need strong women to step up and speak out. We need you to dare greatly and lead boldly,” Clinton continued. “So please, set an example for every woman and girl out there who’s worried about what the future holds and wonders whether our rights, opportunities and values will endure.”

“And remember, you are the heroes and history makers, the glass ceiling breakers of the future. As I’ve said before, I’ll say again, never doubt that you are valuable and powerful and deserving of every chance and opportunity in the world,” she concluded.

Clearly, Clinton was trying to further the agenda that Trump is “anti-women” with this ridiculous video.

This came weeks after Clinton praised the “awe-inspiring” men and women who had launched protests against Trump all over America.

“We watched women and men across this country and the globe stand up, speak out, and peacefully march for those values with one voice,” Clinton told PEOPLE. “It was awe-inspiring. We have to keep up the momentum. I will never stop believing in this country and our collective future. We are still, and will always be, stronger together.”

H/T Truth Monitor

It is pretty amazing how is she still capable of doing ridiculous little ,,stand ups” like this. In fact, Hillary Clinton is one of the presidential nominees with the worst results in the history of the USA. She must not encourage people to protest because we know very well how those protests end. We need to be united as a nation and build strong and powerful America! We don’t need proxy-protests and riots! We need safety and progress!