Oh my God! Trump Secretly Did 1 Special Thing For This Young Marine at Arlington – Media Will Never Report This


Today is the National Memorial Day and President Donald Trump, participated in a solemn wreath-laying ceremony at Arlington National Cemetery Monday, honoring those who lost their lives serving our country and telling emotional stories of just a few who perished.

While all of us cheered Trump for his kind acts, the liberal media quickly tried to find anything possible to discredit Trump. For example, they covered the story where Trump didn’t stand still, but refused to report on a story when President Trump did something incredible to a young boy wearing a formal uniform.

The mainstream media is disgrace. Once again they proved that they will look at anything else, except the good news, in order to represent a nasty picture of our President.

However, here’s positive news that will make you cheer.

Right after Trump finished his Arlington speech, the commander-in-chief walked over to a young boy wearing a formal uniform worn by United States Marines.


President Trump had a conversation with the stunned little kid, and eventually made him smile when he gave the kid a big high five.

The kid’s name is Christian Jacobs and his father, Marine Sgt. Christopher Jacobs, was killed in 2011.

You didn’t see this anywhere else right? That’s because the mainstream media tries to hide the positive news about President Trump from reaching the masses. They can’t handle the truth.

This is simply heart-touching. It is so nice to have a caring President again!

Let’s spread this positive news, and represent the real picture of our incredible president Donald Trump.


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H/T usanewsflash