OH NO! Beyoncé Calls For Blacks to REBEL Against Police – Hours Later, THIS Happened!


Racism is still an issue that plagues USA. Some people even want to sublime this spin off and cause even more trouble. Anger,violence,hate,riots-these are the product of racism and this sick idea of political corectness by them liberals. This thing get even worse when popular people, celebrities or politicians, propagate this values. Black celebrities (some of them) just want to destabilize our country and their wrong doing is seen by the mainstream media as an act of liberalism and justice. SO SICK!

WHY? Because this people simply can not understand the impact they cause and what are the consequences of this behavior. Now we will take the most brutal example this July. On her stage performance during the Super Bowl, Beyonce acted as a black panter and called blacks to oppose the police officers. This resulted with murder of San Antonio police officer few hours later. “I lashed out at somebody who didn’t deserve it,” this perpetrator said.

Sad story… We have to learn our lesson once and for ever. We had racism tensions centuries ago, but now we build a strong nation based on democracy and freedom. Let us stop boiling this tension, let us destroy the harmful idiots that want to push us into racial struggle and ruin the American dream. Let us unite against the common evil! God bless America!



H/T AngryPatriot