OMG! Look What Trump Just Did In California After Governor Tough-Talked Him To Keep Illegals


It seems that despite the heat from liberals, President Donald Trump’s proposal of building a border wall will become a reality, with Mexico kicking off the project in the San Diego community of Otay Mesa.

Otay Mesa is already home to one of the two largest border crossings in San Diego, and it will once again, be the site where the 20 chosen bidders will be representing their prototypes.

As of right now, no funding for the massive infrastructure project is set, however, around 450 companies have submitted their designs and ideas on the wall, with the agency’s bid saying that around 20 companies will be selected to build the best-presented prototypes that will be 30 feet long and 30 feet high.

While Ralph DeSio, the Border Patrol spokesman, did not reveal any information on where the construction will take place, he did mention that it would all occur in the Otay Mesa area. This will allow companies to test their designs in densely-trafficked areas that still requires flexibility and room to function.

According to reports, the construction of the border wall models will take place this June, and as always, there is a risk of protesters attempting to ruin the whole thing, but unfortunately for them – law enforcement officials said they were committed to supporting 1st Amendment rights.

“As part of our community policing philosophy, we work closely with any party or group that wishes to express their views in a law-abiding manner,” said Lt. Scott, Wahl, a San Diego police spokesman in a statement.