OUCH: Look What Happened to AZ Newspaper After if Endorsed Clinton


Death threats, cancellations, angry callers. That’s what the Arizona Republic is dealing with after endorsing Democrat nominee Hillary Clinton for president.

According to WZ, the publication was suffering after endorsing a Democrat candidate for president for the first time in its history. Founded in 1890, the Republic has endorsed a Republican candidate for president in every election before this one.

Editorial page editor of Phil Boas said, “We’re feeling the weight of our history,” The New York Times reported.

In its endorsement of Clinton, the Republic opined that GOP nominee Donald Trump “responds to criticism with the petulance of verbal spit wads.”

“That’s beneath our national dignity,” it continued.

“Trump’s long history of objectifying women and his demeaning comments about women during the campaign are not just good-old-boy gaffes,” the editorial added.

“They are evidence of deep character flaws. They are part of a pattern,” said the Republic without intending any irony as it endorsed a candidate whose pattern of deep character flaws would have toppled her long ago if not for the sycophantic adoration of the liberal mainstream media.

Now readers have been cancelling their subscriptions at a furious clip — one cancellation every 10 minutes, as of Thursday — outraged that the paper would openly support Hillary Clinton.

However, Boas said that he does not regret the publication’s decision.

“We’re never in unison on anything, but it wasn’t a difficult thing,” he said. “It was the kind of thing that just evolved over time.”

Perhaps it’s only right that they suffer for their decision. They should have known that Arizona, a red state, would not be pleased. Perhaps the media should stay out of politics altogether.

And let’s not forget: Spit wads didn’t kill anyone at Benghazi.

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