Palestine People Honor Trump As The Man Of Peace

Donald Trump is one of the strongest messengers of JUSTICE and TRUTH. He visited Palestine and he just made something INCREDIBLE. As we already said Donald Trump is going to bring PEACE in the Middle East. And IT’S HAPPENING.

The whole world was excited to see President Trump’s historic meeting today with Palestinian President Abbas in Bethlehem. The goal was to start the Israeli-Palestinian Peace deal to end all peace deals.

However, Trump himself was SHOCKED when he saw the amazing thing that Abbas did to welcome him to Palestine:

Abbas declared Donald Trump the “Man of Peace”

To welcome the US President, President Abbas hung banners around Bethlehem that read,

“The city of peace welcomes the man of peace.”

Look, no matter how you cut it, this is a big freaking deal. The declaration of Trump as “The Man of Peace” says a TON for Trump’s promise of peace.

However, the news gets even better. You see, after the 2 men met and had their joint Press conference, Abbas made a declaration that nobody saw coming in 100 years:

“This will go in history – that President Donald Trump was the American president who achieved peace between the Palestinians and Israelis.”

See, there has NEVER been a US President who managed to accomplish that. Hell, the entire UN has never even come close. However, with just a few months in office, Trump did the impossible.

Now, this does not mean there is peace yet. However, it’s the closest thing we have ever seen and it’s time to show our support. 

H/T Liberty Writers News 

Let’s share this post everywhere because Trump made the impossible-possible. God Bless him, HE is a MAN OF PEACE indeed. Obama spent his 2 mandates DIVIDING people and spreading negativity. This is a President that has capability to change something!