Pat Sajak ‘Brutally’ Shuts Down Jimmy Kimmel After He Lied About Gun Control


Late-night host Jimmy Kimmel will need quite some time to brush the most recent blow he received from “Wheel of Fortune” host Pat Sajak, who savaged the comedian’s moralizing crusade against everything conservative on Twitter.

As we all know, Kimmel recently made headlines when he used the opening 10 minutes of his Monday’s episode to rant against President Donald Trump and the GOP when it came to gun control, saying that they were the ones to blame for the horrific shooting incident which took place in Vegas this Sunday and took the lives of more than 50 people, leaving several hundreds wounded.

And it seems that after CNN went on to call Kimmel the “conscience” of America, despite him being just a goofy comedian which found himself hosting a late night show and making untasteful jokes against President Trump with the goal of getting more views and higher ratings, Pat Sajak also took it to Twitter to capture this self-important irony perfectly, writing:

His words were of course, sarcastic, and not long after, Stephen Miller also backed him up with his own tweet:

The thing which Hollywood celebrities have a problem understanding is that the conservative supporters as well as every other American is upset about tragic mass shootings, but they are aware enough and grounded to know that empty moralizing isn’t a replacement for making an argument based on evidence and facts.